The RTMS G4™ (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor) is the newest generation radar sensor for the detection and measurement of traffic on roadways.

Output information is provided to existing controllers via contact closure and to other computing systems by serial or IP communication port or by an optional radio modem. A single RTMS can replace multiple inductive loop detectors and the attendant controller.

The G4's all in one concept combines a high resolution radar, an optional video camera capable of capturing the traffic scene,variety of communications options, including wireless solutions, within a single enclosure. This sleek, cabinet free detection station is simple to integrate into any urban signal control or highway traffic management system.


  • Mid block detection for intersections
  • Freeway traffic management and incident detection systems
  • Traveler information and travel-time prediction
  • Ramp metering
  • Queue detection
  • Roadworks safety systems
  • Permanent and mobile traffic counting stations
  • Enforcement of speed violations
  • Loop replacement (single or dual loop emulation) in legacy


  • Speedy safe installation, typically on existing road-side poles, with no traffic disruptions and no field integration
  • Compatible with all RTMS integrated solutions, including detection station, counting, urban traffic control, event reporting and data collection
  • Highly flexible: suitable for any road and pole type, with various built-in power and communications options, including contact pairs, NTCIP, TCP/IP, radio modems and a video camera
  • Low life-cycle cost with no routine maintenance procedures and high reliability
  • Typical Mean Time Between Failures of 13 years