RTMS WATER™ (Wide Area Traffic Event Reporting) provides real-time traffic measurement and data collection over a wide area. An enterprise-level system capable of monitoring traffic in thousands of locations. Traffic is measured by multiple sidefired RTMS data collection stations in a specific area. Data is then sent by CDMA/GPRS modem or concentrated by a Wireless Cluster Hub and cost effectively transmitted to a Traffic Operations Center (TOC) for storage in a real-time SQL database.

The affordable WATER system is unparalleled for reliability and accuracy in all weather conditions and for large scale projects. It is also quick to install with no lane closures and no ongoing maintenance required, making it suitable for both highway and urban traffic management applications.


  • Corridor traffic management
  • ATIS Advanced Traveler Information Systems and online speed maps
  • ATMS and incident detection
  • Traffic counting and monitoring
  • Alarm and special events reporting
  • Travel time information
  • Quasi-adaptive signal control


  • Accurate measurements of volume, occupancy, classification and speed on 12 separate lanes per station AC, battery or solar power options
  • Unmatched flexibility: a relocatable and scaleable system that expands by adding stations
  • DSS Wireless Cluster Hubs, serial, cellular and TCP/IP communications mean a simplified, affordable network
  • Real-time TOC/SQL database stores data and network sensor configuration from thousands of stations
  • Mixed communications environment: RF, serial, and TCP/IP
  • Simple TOC software for SQL database interface, configuration and diagnosis as well as speed map and travel time information
  • Supports multiple protocols including NTCIP


  • Speedy installation on existing structures with no traffic disruptions
  • Exceptional reliability with no scheduled maintenance required
  • Very low life cycle cost
  • Supports public or private wireless networks
  • Low installation cost due to use of existing poles, ability to run on solar/battery power and use of RF modems